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Who we are An international freight forwarder should stand as a competent and reliable partner for its clients, always available and open to their requests.
Meet V.D.M. RENTAL S.R.L., a team of dynamic, efficient and enthusiastic people, standing every day at your disposal.
Since we have proved experience, reliability, rapid reactions and excellency as being our fundamental, day to day values, we can offer advice on sending and receiving cargo all over the world. Our commended efficiency allows us to keep a low total cost of transportation.
Experience We're experts at organizing freight forwarding on land and over sea. Your cargo gets quickly and safely anywhere on the four continents. Over 15 years of experience in international freight forwarding allowed us to serve successfully all our clients.
Low cost Since the very beginning we have invested a lot in building up our network of transporters, keeping a very close and efficient collaboration with every single one of them. Over time, this grew into a large base of trust-based relationships. Our network reaches as far as 600 active partners, which allows us to offer the best price and the quickest solution.
Reliability and Rapid Reactions We give a specific answer to a client's request in two hours at most, and the shipment is loaded the second day for 80% of the cases.
We take pride in our spotless record. Every single specific request was carried out promptly, and our clients' cargo reached destination in the shortest time period.
Consulting For each kind of cargo there is a specific kind of transportation that fits best. We are offering advice on choosing the best tailored solution, in relation with the quantity and the nature of the cargo.
Why us Because our business policy is entirely client orientated. We want to help you, to know you and your business.
We want to find the best solution that will fit the activity of your company. If you will give us two minutes, we can tell you about the services that we offer:
  • Road haulage of general cargo in full truck mode
  • Road transport of goods in groupage
  • Transport of dangerous and perishable goods
  • Oversized transportation
The success of any business depends on the quality of the partners.
The trust of all V.D.M.RENTAL's clients is the biggest capital, and that's why we are doing all the efforts to maintain and develop it.
Matching your needs with the existing offers Our clients' requests are correlated with the information from over 600 transportation partners filtered over time by reliability and trustworthiness.
That allows us to offer:
  • The fastest solutions
  • The best price
  • The most reliable transporters
Listening and understanding 90% of our activity is communication and relationship. The listening and understanding of our client's needs and of the transporters problems are the first steps in offering the perfect transportation solution. Guarantee We will end being your friend, because we care of your business.
Consistency For each and every new client, the success of the first transport stands as the solid base for the following collaboration. The consistent and impeccable quality of our services recommends V.D.M. RENTAL as the reliable partner for all your transportation needs.
That is because, following the clear detailing of the order (loading place, destination, papers needed, special requirements), every other details are handled by people with solid and relevant experience, backed-up by the willingness and ability to do the job right and fast.
For us, VDM RENTAL team,

"sky is the limit"

Our mission
Our management is people orientated, that is why our mission is to ensure a friendly climate for our employees, a climate that is allowing them to reach their maximum potential. We are continuously concerned about professional and personal development of our employees. They are attending workshops on different themes in order, to develop their personal and professional skills.

We are aware that, if we have a well-constructed team, which loves what they are doing will provide our clients with high quality services. We wish that in our company we will have valuable people, that will develop their self within our company. Our services are delivered with professionalism and desire, your business being our priority. We want to involve with our services in the growth and expansion of your business.

We will solve promptly, correct and transparent any problem regarding transportation, we will identify the suitable solutions for optimizing and developing our services, in order to suit the needs of your company.

We are concerned about our environment, we love our planet and we are trying to find solutions to reduce the pollution. We would like to be one of the first companies which implements transports that will not destroy the environment and we want to work with people who share the same ideas.
What can we offer V.D.M. RENTAL S.R.L. provides integrated solutions for just in time delivery of your freight, when, where or whatever.
Still, this only begins to picture what we can do for you. Our most valued accomplishment is taking a dependable business relation and turning it into a trust-based long-term relationship, where everybody is doing his job promptly and properly.
Our area of expertise encompasses sea, air and road transportation. In all three cases, from gathering all the relevant client information and cargo loading until arrival time we manage to find the shortest path, everything at a very decent price, off course.
Road transportation
As the preferred method of transportation for more than 60% of the trading companies in Romania, road transportation is the biggest part of our activity.
Relying on our wide and established network of partners, we are able to handle flawlessly all the aspects of road transportation to and from everywhere in the World. We are offering:
  • partial loadings and grouped loadings (LTC)
  • full loadings (FTC)
  • oversize transportation, projects
  • special transports
Sea transportation
Featuring a dedicated and experienced personnel, V.D.M. RENTAL S.R.L. offers consultancy and sea transportation solutions to and from Constanta port. We can handle projects that imply combined transportation of conventional goods in any part of the World. We are offering:
  • cargo transportation to/from the ship
  • cargo loading/unloading to/from the ship
  • sea transportation, conventional or containerized
  • lashing with specialized firms
  • custom-house advice
Air transportation
V.D.M.RENTAL SRL offer services for air transport and combined transportation road-air, according with type of goods, quantity and packing.
We are offering:
  • door-to-door
  • airport-to-airport
  • door-to-airport
  • airport-to-door
Our projects